Nub Variety Sampler - Box of 4 + Cutter
Nub Variety Sampler w/Cutter BX/4
Nub Variety Sampler w/Cutter BX/4

Nub Variety Sampler - Box of 4 + Cutter


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4-pack sampler. Each 3.75”x58 in size. Features NUB Connecticut, NUB Habano, NUB Cameroon, and NUB Maduro. Includes double-bladed guillotine cutter and gift box. A mild to full-bodied selection.

Upon its release, NUB received rave reviews and to this day still maintains a phenomenal following. With Nicaraguan tobaccos, delicious wrappers, and rich, full flavors, there’s a NUB that will suit any palate. This variety sampler includes 4 NUB cigars so you can taste every blend and even includes a double-guillotine cutter.

Includes the following:
1 x Nub Connecticut 358 (3.75”x58)
1 x Nub Habano 358 (3.75”x58)
1 x Nub Cameroon 358 (3.75”x58)
1 x Nub Maduro 358 (3.75”x58)
1 x Nub Guillotine Cutter

Nub Connecticut: A creamy Connecticut wrapper surrounds a core of Nicaraguan long leaves for a mellowing experience. Maintains a short finish but presents a ton of flavor with some cedar influences. Mild.

Nub Habano: A spicy Ecuadorian Habano wrapper surrounds Nicaraguan long leaves. Creates many competing, complex nuances from spice, pepper, and earth while still releasing thick, creamy smoke. Full-bodied.

Nub Cameroon: Features a Cameroon wrapper that encases a hearty Nicaraguan blend of long leaves. Offers a touch of sweetness surrounding an earthy core. Medium-bodied.

Nub Maduro: A dark yet sweet Brazilian maduro wrapper encases a stout blend of Nicaraguan long leaves. You’ll discover notes of earth mixed with light hints of pepper while the finish is long and well-rounded, leaving behind a sweetness that’s to die for. Medium-bodied.