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Enclave Broadleaf by AJ Fernandez
This delicious gem showcases Nicaraguan long leaves and a Nicaraguan binder, all hidden beneath a mouthwatering Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Well-balanced, slightly spicy and earthy. Full.
Starting at: $32.00
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Oliva Master Blends 3
Rated '92' by Cigar Aficionado. Sports a Sungrown Broadleaf maduro wrapper that masks Habano-seed Nicaraguan ligero long leaves. Bold with bursts of toasted spice that balance well with its earthy, long-lasting finish. Complex.
Starting at: $37.50
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Flor de Gonzalez 90 Miles 1980 Edition
Features a San Andres Maduro wrapper draped over top of a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. Beneath that lies a mixture of perfectly aged fillers from Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Medium-Full bodied.
Starting at: $29.99
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Arturo Fuente
These consistent, perfectly constructed handmades utilize some of the best tobaccos hailing from the Dominican Republic. Outside rests a flavorful African Cameroon leaf, aged to perfection, creating creamy, smooth notes of earth. Mild-med.
Starting at: $13.50
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Dunhill Signed Range
93 Rated. Arguably the crown jewel of the Dunhill portfolio, Signed Range is created by Dunhill's top artisans, numbering less than 100. A specially grown silky, Nicaraguan wrapper and an African Cameroon binder over top select Dominican and Nicaraguan fi
Starting at: $25.00
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Blended with the finest Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran long leaves. Wrapped with a zesty Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Bold, complex, and earthy with a spicy finish. Med-full.
Starting at: $17.99
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Liga Privada Unico Serie L40
Nicaraguan long leaves are bound by a Brazilian Mata Fina leaf and topped with a Connecticut River Valley stalk cut Habano wrapper. Exudes semi-sweet influences of cocoa with a bold earthiness and subtle spices. Rich, smooth, and creamy. Med-Full.
Starting at: $70.00
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Cohiba Red Dot
Cuban-seed Dominican long leaves combine with a rare Indonesian binder for a solid, medium-bodied experience. A deliciously rich African Cameroon wrapper adds ample complexity with underlying earthiness and a semi-sweet finish. Medium.
Starting at: $34.99
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La Gran Llave Maduro by AJ Fernandez
Box-pressed. A San Andres Maduro leaf conceals an Euadorian Habano binder and Nicaraguan long fillers. Notes of cedar, black pepper and chocolate create a medium to full-bodied character with a leathery feel and delicious finish.
Starting at: $27.00
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua
Ecuadorian Habano wrapper overtop of a Dominican binder. With Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian long-fillers. Notes of cream, leather, and cedar. Medium to full bodied.
Starting at: $99.99
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Caldwell Eastern Standard
Features a special Connecticut Shade wrapper over a top-secret proprietary blend of premium-aged tobaccos. Earthy and semi-sweet with a refined creamy finish. Medium-bodied.
Starting at: $35.00
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Rocky Patel Super Ligero
May be the strongest Rocky Patel cigar ever created. Ligero long leaves from Nicaragua and Costa Rica blast your palate with hearty notes of pepper and spice. A bold, Honduran Habano wrapper adds further complexity with a toasty, oak finish.
Starting at: $24.99
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Gran Habano Azteca Double Maduro
Features two Mexican leaves grown in the San Andres Valley. One used as the binder, and one used as the wrapper draped over Nicaraguan, and Panamanian fillers. Hints of nuts with a spicy yet sweet finish. Medium-Full Bodied.
Starting at: $47.11
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Packed full of Nicaraguan long leaves and finished with a rich, oily and delicious Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Chewy, leathery, earthy with notes of spice and sweetness on the finish. Full-bodied.
Starting at: $17.41
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Oliva Serie V
Rated '94' by Cigar Aficionado. One of the best-tasting cigars on the market. Features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper atop well-aged Nicaraguan ligero leaves for a full-bodied yet incredibly balanced character. Toasty and hearty with a rich finish.
Starting at: $22.50
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ACME Premier San Andreas
Utilizes a hand selected blend of long fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua underneath a Nicaraguan Criollo binder. All tucked beneath a San Andres Maduro wrapper. Medium bodied.
Starting at: $25.18
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Ashton Cabinet
Dominican long leaves, aged 5 years, creates a core of earthy, oaky flavors with a touch of spice. A well-aged Connecticut-shade wrapper brings forth notes of cedar and a creamy finish. Smooth, elegant. Mild-med.
Starting at: $39.99
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Montecristo Platinum Toro (6"x50) - 25 Cigars
Packed full of Dominican, Peruvian, and Nicaraguan long leaves all masked by a delicious, rich, and hearty Mexican San Andres Cubano wrapper. Earthy with spicy undertones. Expect a smooth, creamy finish. Med-full.
MSRP: $258.75
Java Latte
Nicaraguan long-fillers concealed behind a sweet Connecticut shade (or “Latte”) Wrapper. Rich and smooth with hints of mocha. Satisfyingly sweet aroma. Mild to Medium Bodied.
Starting at: $32.25
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Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro
A box-pressed beauty featuring a San Andres maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan long leaf ligero tobaccos. Full-bodied, offering complex nuances of earth, spices and a hint of espresso with a touch of sweetness on the finish.
Starting at: $38.50
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San Cristobal Elegancia
Rated 91, this luxurious Don Pepin Garcia-made premium is chock full of bold, hearty Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos in a creamy, super-smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Subtle, smooth, and earthy with notes of cedar, toast and pepper. Med.
Starting at: $27.50
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Gurkha Viper
A box-pressed blend of Nicaraguan long leaves are masked with a Dominican binder before being topped with a dark, Dominican-grown Habano leaf. Slightly complex with earth and cedar notes. Offers a short finish with thick smoke. Mild to medium.
Starting at: $15.00
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Nub Café Macchiato
The first line of flavor-infused cigars from Nub. Features a Sumatra wrapper draped over Dominican long fillers. Smooth, and creamy with a hint of milk chocolate.
Starting at: $22.00
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Curivari Reserve Limitada 1000 Series
A powerful and potent blend of Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo long leaves make up this blend. Comes wrapped with a Nicaraguan Habano leaf for even more oomph. Spice and pepper blasts your palate while maintaining a balanced, full-bodied finish.
Starting at: $26.81
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Liga Undercrown
A bold, deliciously unique blend showcasing a Mexican Otapan Negro Ultimo Corte wrapper that conceals a Connecticut stalk cut T52 binder along with Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan long fillers. Rich, complex and well-balanced. Medium.
Starting at: $29.99
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Enclave by AJ Fernandez
A rich Habano Rosado wrapper from Ecuador complements a Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan long fillers. A blast of pepper, spice, cedar, and cinnamon greets the palate. Medium-full.
Starting at: $94.18
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Asylum Schizo Natural
Features a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper draped over top of Nicaraguan fillers. Notes of leather, and cream with a subtle hint of cocoa. Mild to medium bodied.
Starting at: $32.50
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Nirvana Cameroon Selection by Drew Estate
91-rated, medium-bodied blend showcasing Nicaraguan long leaves, a Mexican maduro binder, and an African Cameroon wrapper. It's bold, yet slightly sweet, building in strength while remaining smooth on the exhale.
Starting at: $29.98
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Montecristo Espada
This delicious Nicaraguan puro showcases long leaf tobaccos from Jalapa, Condega, and Ometepe. Finished with a Habano wrapper cultivated in 2010, the blend offers a rich, complex character from head to foot with a long, hearty finish. Med.
Starting at: $69.99
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Asylum Straight Jacket
This full bodied Nicaraguan puro is not for timid or novice, consider the straight jacket band artwork a warning. Rich, earthy, and teeming with cocoa and coffee flavors, this blend of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos is crazy delicious! 90 rated.
Starting at: $33.50
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Genuine Counterfeit Cubans
Rolled with a complex blend of Nicaraguan ligero, Cuban-seed seco, and viso leaves for a potent, ever-changing experience similar to Cuban cigars of the past. Sports a hearty Habano wrapper. Spicy, medium-full body.
Starting at: $14.29
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Macanudo Vintage 1997 Cabinet Selection
90-rated. This is among the rarest of the rare. Once in a while a wrapper crop is so good, they set it aside for Mac Cabinet Selection. 1997 was their best. Supremely golden USA Connecticut shade wrappers. Elegant, rich, well-balanced, mild.
Starting at: $34.98
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Casa Magna Colorado
Colorado wrapper. Nicaraguan Ligero and Viso long filler are held together by a Nicaraguan binder. Notes of cocoa, coffee, and sweet cedar will dance across your palate.
Starting at: $25.00
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Perdomo Small Batch Series Sun Grown
Beginning with the Small Batch blend of 10 year aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, its capped off with a spicy, well aged, Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper. Full-bodied yet smooth, look for earthy notes of oak and nuts backed by a core of pepper and faint dried fruit
Starting at: $156.00
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Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Habano
95-rated. Topped with a oily Dominican Habano wrapper. Dominican Vuelta Abajo long-fillers. Notes of cocoa, earth, and chocolate. Medium bodied.
Starting at: $16.00
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Onyx Reserve
Rated 94. This deliciously rich cigar boasts Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Dominican long leaves for a complex experience. Its jet black Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper offers a touch of sweetness with a bold, full-bodied finish.
Starting at: $22.25
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410 results