Field Supply


At Field Supply we want you to buy with confidence. We'’ve been doing this kind of thing for 20 years, and sincerely appreciate the trust you place in us and all Brandshopper sites.  And as such, we want to make sure you can reach us easily and rest assured that with the best available customer service anywhere, we're committed to make your experience second to none. And if you ever need to reach us, it's easy.


Customer Service Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 8:00pm (times ET)

Live Chat

Live chat is THE best way to reach us. Our wit, style, and class really comes out as we pound mercilessly on a keyboard while slurping down coffee and pulling arrow after arrow from our quiver. And rather than listen to crappy hold music, you can pretend to work while chatting with us. Win-win! Chat is available during our customer service hours above.


Email Us

Go ahead, send us an email about anything you want right now. You will immediately get a thrilling response from a robot letting you know we got it. And even better I promise a real live human being will respond to your message with answers that will WOW you! Sometimes you'll get an answer in just a few minutes. Sometimes an hour. Sometimes, particularly if Sunday morning during football season, 24 hours. Don't fret, you're queued up and our support staff is ranked on their ability to impress you, so rest assured we'll make the response significantly better than the robot's response.


Snail Mail

Does anyone send a letter any more? I have a pile of love letters I've collected over the years and if you'd like to be one of the precious few added to that pile, go for it., a Brandshopper, LP company

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  • Bath, PA 18014