Cold Steel Two Handed Machete
Cold Steel Two Handed Machete- Black
Cold Steel Two Handed Machete- Black

Cold Steel Two Handed Machete


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Black. Strong, rugged, and reliable. Lightweight, more versatile than any axe. Counter balanced handle. Blade Type: 1055 carbon steel w/ anti rust finish. Blade length: 11.25". Handle length: 20.75". Handle type: Polypropylene. Overall: 32".

Strong, rugged and reliable, the Two Handed Machete packs a huge amount of chopping power into a surprisingly lightweight package. Perfectly balanced, it works amazingly well with either one or two hands. Its long handle counter balances the blade making it a joy to use. Easily carried on the back, it’s lighter and more versatile than any axe, and (thanks to its long handle) it has far greater reach than almost all of the machetes on the market today.


  • 1055 carbon steel with black baked-in anti rust matte finish
  • Polypropylene handle
  • Blade: 11.25"
  • Overall: 32"