Browning Silver Safe - Wide
Browning Silver Safe - Wide
Browning Silver Safe - Wide
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Browning Silver Safe - Wide

As low as: $2,924.00
A perfect balance of protection, features and value. 37 cf, 100 min/1680 degree fire rating, 43 guns, 11 ga. steel, UL RSC Tool Attack rating and more.
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The SR37 is the largest safe in the Silver line - we classify it as a Wide safe. The cavernous interior securely houses up to 43 long guns and still has room for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items. The SR37 maintains the same width and long gun storage as the SR45, without the extra height needed for extra long barrels like those found on .50 caliber long range rifles. This lower height profile gives you more options for safe placement.

Also, like well designed furniture, we've designed the SR37 to be wider like a bureau instead of the more common "boxy" refrigerator like dimensions in other safes (25" exterior depth), allowing you to place the safe in any number of locations in your house without blocking off interior space. And given the elegant and clean stylings of the Silver safes, the SR37 will add style to any room instead of being a big eyesore taking up space in a corner.


  • Gun Capacity /Config: 43 total (22/33+10)
  • Body Thickness: 11 Gauge
  • Bolts: 16 (10 Active)
  • Cubic Feet: 37
  • Fire Rating: 100 Minute / 1680°
  • Overall Weight: 910 lbs 0 oz
  • Dimensions: 60x43x25
  • Handle Type: 5-spoke
  • Door Type: 1 5/16" Duo-Formed
  • Raised Metallic Logo, Pinstriping and Silk-Screened Scene
  • Safe Security Rating: UL RSC Tool Attack
  • Interior Color: Beige Fabric
  • Locking Bolt Sides: 4 Sides (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • Door Type: 1 5/16" Duo-Formed 


Anti-Pry Features:

  • Strong 11-gauge steel body 
  • Pry-Stop End Bolts 11⁄4" chromed locking bolts, four-sided door coverage 
  • Fully reinforced integrated door frame
  • Tight-tolerance door fit
  • 15⁄16" thick Duo-Formed door

Security Features:

  • Force Deflector locking mechanism
  • Hardened steel pin lock protection
  • UL tool attack listed
  • S&G Group II lock with key lock dial and five-year limited warranty

Interior & Appearance Features:

  • Innovative Axis Adjustable Shelving with Pistol Rack
  • Premium DPX Storage System
  • Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack with Scope Saver
  • Two DPX Handgun Pouches 
  • Deluxe three-spoke handle
  • Elevated floor makes removing guns easier
  • Scroll or game scene bonded to the safe door
  • High-gloss or rugged textured charcoal finishes

Fire Protection:

  • 1200° F/75 min. fire protection
  • Three layers of 1⁄2" fire-resistant insulation in the safe body and door, four layers in the ceiling
  • Palusol expanding fire seal