Browning Hunter Safe - Standard
Browning Hunter Safe - Standard
Browning Hunter Safe - Standard
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Browning Hunter Safe - Standard

As low as: $2,179.00
26 square feet of storage, holds up to 29 long guns, 11 gauge steel, made in the USA, Thermablock fire protection 1680 degrees/90 min.
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The HR26 is the smallest safe in the Hunter line - we classify it as a Standard size safe. The slim interior securely houses up to 29 long guns and still has room for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items. The small overall size of the HR26 makes it the ideal safe if you don't have a lot of extra room, or you want to store a portions of your firearms in a bedroom closet or other location separate from your primary firearm storage. And given the elegant and clean stylings of the Hunter safes, the HR26 will add style to any room instead of being a big eyesore taking up space in a corner. 

The Hunter series of Browning gun safes include security and convenience features typically reserved for higher end safes, allowing you to get a great safe at a price you can afford.



  • Gun Capacity /Config: 29 total (11/22+7)
  • Body Thickness: 11 Gauge
  • Bolts: 14 (8 Active)
  • Cubic Feet: 26
  • Fire Rating: 90 Minute / 1680°
  • Overall Weight: 700 lbs 0 oz
  • Dimensions: 60x30x25
  • Handle Type: 3-spoke
  • Door Type: 1" Formed
  • Silk-Screened Logo and Scroll
  • Safe Security Rating: UL RSC Tool Attack
  • Interior Color: Beige Fabric
  • Locking Bolt Sides: 3 Sides (Top, Left, Right)
  • Door Type: 1" Formed 

Convenience means so much more than just "easy to access". Hunter saves are designed to give you the most modular interior of any safe on the market, which translates into custom fit and a better value for you. Likewise, the convenience features included in our safes go beyond protecting your guns from fire and theft, but protect your guns from dings, dents and scratches due to poor storage design. Some of the unique features on the Hunter series that you won't find in lesser safes:

AXIS Adjustable Shelving: The most modular safe interior shelving available for gun safes, you can swap standard shelves for long gun barrel racks, jewelry drawers, document storage, etc. We are continuing to develop additional shelf options to make the AXIS interior even more versatile.

DPX Storage System: Makes use of the back of the safe door with a Quick Access Barrel Rack and Scope saver, allowing you to store a significant number of long guns, pistols, and other accessories.

Security: Hunter safes feature high end security characteristics designed to prevent unauthorized entry. No safe is impenetrable, but a good safe will delay and frustrate even the most skilled of safe crackers as they spend hour after hour attempting to break through the "weak points" of a Hunter series safe. Designed to thwart cutting, drilliing, prying and other attacks, Browning safes will break bits, dull saws, and hold fast against pry bars, robbing theives of the limited time they have to get at your valuables. Some of these anti-theft characteristics:

Fire: Browning safes boast the best fire protection of any safe on the market, not just living up to their ratings, but actually keeping the interior temperatures down to a level that will prevent significant damage to the safe's contents. Hunter safes are rate to withstand a 1200°F fire for at least 60 minutes.