Avian-X Topflight Preener/Rester Mallard Decoys (6-Pack)
Avian-X Topflight Preener/Rester Mallard Decoys (Pk/6)
Avian-X Topflight Preener/Rester Mallard Decoys (Pk/6)

Avian-X Topflight Preener/Rester Mallard Decoys (6-Pack)

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1 sleeping drake, 1 sleeping hen, 2 preening drakes, 2 preening hens. Slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility. Carved by world champion Rick Johannsen. True paint schemes. Weight-forward swim keep design. Rubberized molded construction.

In most parts of the country, hunting pressure has never been so high. The out-of-the-way places where smart ducks go when pressured are increasingly important locations for the savvy waterfowl hunter. Good scouting is key, and when the strategy is mapped out, it’s time to execute. This is no time for the crummy old beater decoys from the shed. No, this is when you bring a small spread of the most perfectly realistic decoys every created. This is when you deploy the Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards.

Molded from carvings by world champion carver Rick Johannsen, Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards perfectly convey the serene behaviors wary ducks expect to see at their hidden honey holes. Includes amazingly lifelike depictions of two hen and two drake mallards preening, as well as a pair of the most realistic sleeper mallards to ever grace your decoy spread. Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards complete the most convincing spread a duck will ever see.

These dekes feature the innovative Avian-X Weight-Forward Swim Keel - a design that creates natural motion with the slightest breeze or current by simply snapping the line through one of two swim-clip positions. Slightly oversized at 16 inches long, these decoys sell it like no other.


  • 1 Sleeping Drake
  • 1 Sleeping Hen
  • 2 Preening Drakes
  • 2 Preening Hens
  • Slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility
  • Carved by world champion carver Rick Johannsen
  • True-to-life paint schemes
  • Weight-forward swim keel design allows decoys to ride true in rough water
  • Advanced rubberized molding material
  • Dimensions: 16”x7.5”x7”