Buck Brush Breathable 1000g Waders
Buck Brush
Buck Brush

Buck Brush Breathable 1000g Waders

As low as: $119.98
Buck Brush. Breathable 3-layer polyester outer. 1000g Thinsulate insulated boots. Trico backing. Molded rubber outsole. Steel shank. Cargo pocket with 12-shell holder. Inner chest pocket. Self-adjusting suspenders. Quick-release waist belt.
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We buy lots of waders. Once in a while though, a deal like this emerges from the back alley, stumbling and bumbling into our warehouse like a drunken vagrant to cause havoc. Only this is good havoc. Real good. Bear with me for one minute and read this: of all the wader brands on the market, the vast majority are made in just a couple of factories. That’s due to the stiff regulations on the manufacturing of rubber products. As a result, a $349 pair of Brand X waders is often made right across from a $200 set of Brand Y waders. Some are labeled with big brand names you know, while others are made for big box sporting goods stores with their logo on it.

That’s what we have here. Famous brand waders – retail value listed at a full $299.99 – yours for pennies on the dollar.

There are a few simple reason why this happens: if brands and big box retail stores order private label waders to arrive for the heart of the season but they show up, for example in March, that’s a problem; or if they order Max-5 and incorrectly get shipped Bottomland, that’s also a problem. So the buyers refuse the shipment and send them back to the factory. What do they do with them? Offer them to me for a song, and I pivot and offer to you for a hellacious discount.

Per my handshake agreement with the factory, I cannot tell you what brand each of these are. However I can assure you they’re brand new, first-quality goods. The product specs for each style is shown below in the individual product detail. All the chest waders here carry legitimate $299 MSRP values. Take your pick: it’ll cost you one measly C-note. The ole no-brainer.



  • Breathable 3 layer polyester outer
  • 1000g Thinsulate Insulation in boots with 5mm neoprene lining 
  • Trico backing
  • Steel shank
  • Wool felt mid-soles
  • Molded rubber outsole
  • Self-adjusting suspenders
  • Chest cargo pocket with shell holder (supports 12 shells)
  • Inner chest pocket
  • Quick-release waist belt