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Rocky S2V Substratum Direct Attach Hiker

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  • Interesting story about these boots. They are actually more like a surivival tool inside a high-performance sneaker, all wrapped up in the wolf's clothing of a boot. A few years back, Rocky Boots - known to be an industry leader in outdoor boots for over 70 years - embarked on a project to make the ultimate footwear for high-performance and athletic wear: Rocky’s Extreme S2V series. They overbuilt the hell out of it, packing it with features and using uber-premium materials. As a result the boots were priced high. Deservedly so. Like a Ferrari, some consumers appreciated how legit these boots were. But unlike Ferraris, in the shoe business you've got to sell a ton of volume to make it viable. Due to the price tag, sales volume fell short...
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    Country: United States
    State: Texas
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    Christian (1/25/2015)

    Fabulous fit and very durable. Love the Vibram soles!!