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    Porsche PD6 Torch Lighter

    Piezo ignition emits powerful blue jet torch flame. Striking design & exquisite construction. Ergonomic style. Fine workmanship. Integrated flame bay protector. All-metal case, matte painted finish. Single-action thumb ignition. Large flame adjuster. Buta

    Starting at: $59.99


    Porsche PD10 Torch Lighter

    A marvel of engineering, the Porsche PD10 features a 2-step ignition button that emits a powerful laser torch flame. Hefty metal exterior casing. Flip-lid and side ignition. Butane refillable (removable cartridge).

    Starting at: $99.99

  • GREY

    Porsche PD9 Jet Torch Lighter

    Single-action igntion producing a powerful blue torch flame. Fuel-viewing window. Oversized flame adjuster. Extra heft, solid casing and exceptional great construction, yet slim and sleek.

    Starting at: $59.99


    Porsche PD4 Torch Lighter

    Piezo ignition fires a laser micro-torch which can withstand even the strongest of winds. A gorgeous, singular lighting instrument with heft. Its striking ribbed exterior makes it easy & safe to handle. All-metal case with ribbed grips. Flip lid, then thu

    Starting at: $59.99

  • Silver

    Porsche PD3 Lighter

    Circular flame jet lighter with 30 microfine perforations to ensure use even in storm winds. Stunning twin-shaft design. Lateral foldaway cover on the ignition guards against debris. Fuel-viewing window. Butane refillable.
    Starting at: $59.99